A creative and art exhibition started in the shopping and leisure center Kyiv on 14 May. The two-day-program includes workshops, picture presentations, concerts of Poltava performers, the best picture contest and sportive performances. Entrance ticket for the event is any piece of money. All funds raised will be transferred for needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Exhibition guests were not only encouraged to contribute to charity, but also treated with tasty ice cream.

The event took place owing to the work of Art Headquarters which began its activity in the shopping and leisure center on 9 April. Head of the marketing and advertising department of shopping and leisure center Kyiv Nadiia Konovalova told at the opening about the reasons to form it:

– ‘When the war started, I came to the first floor and saw people with sad eyes and they were not smiling. I decided then, that we had to do something. The main task today is to present positive mood for each other! The shopping and leisure center Kyiv has also its own front. Pleasant is also the fact, that everyone who joined us, wants to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine by any means possible!’ underlined Nadiia Yakivna.

The start of Art Headquarters work was a success. The Laugh League team SMT raised 20 thousand Hryvnias which they gave to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Two days after the art event was planned in the shopping and leisure center Kyiv, Nadiia Yakivna received phone calls from 25 painters. Poets, singers and photographers were willing to participate too. On 18 May, it is planned to present a new song in the shopping and leisure center Kyiv, which will be performed by the whole Poltava musical elite.

The main task of this two-day art event is to raise funds for needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

-‘I would like to thank all artists for responding to us. We collected 104 pictures and it is possible to buy them and thus to join a good cause! The main task of the event is to raise funds for needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!’ tells a painter Andrii Gordiyenko.

Bogdan Motlyak, a founder of Vital FOOD company producing TM Vital, TM Scandal and TM Good Chef products, got involved in setting up and organizing the Art Headquarters events as well. Since the very beginning of the war, the Vitalfood company has been cooking at its production site hot meals for territorial defense units and internally displaced persons using its own resources and at its own expense. As for today, these are 1500 food portions a day.

‘Since the very first day of the war, we have had some kind of bidding of the heart, like everyone of our people. We decided to do what we know best – to prepare food and to provide people with it. Today, we support one more front, that is the art front, which is also extremely important under conditions of war. We all work together till the victory!’ says Bogdan Motlyak.

An international foundation World Central Kitchen came to Vital FOOD help a week ago. It helps to provide food to Ukrainians who suffered from war. The foundation started its work in Ukraine on 24 February. From 24 February to 12 May, the organization provided about 23 million food portions for internally displaced people in 2800 feed-in points.

On the very next day after the full-scale war started, feed-in points were created at every external border between Ukraine and Hungary, Poland, Slovakia etc. The foundation has several directions of work in Ukraine; it’s work with refugees in eight countries of Europe, supplying food and food gift baskets and cooperation with restaurants (more than 460 restaurants in Ukraine and beyond its borders). One of these restaurants is Vital Food.

Vital FOOD company has been in the market for a long time, that’s why we have considered it from the very beginning. Our cooperation is very fruitful – with our support, Vital FOOD managed to increase amount of food portions to 1500 a day. We are happy to have such partners’ told Yuliia Vysytska, regional leader of the World Central Kitchen company.

VitalFOOD appreciates the support of international partners in this important mutual cause. The company acknowledges also the stamina of its employees.

‘When the war began, we did not give up our main production, but we started also to cook hot meals for internally displaced people, territorial defense units and Armed Forces. We began with 500 portions a day, then 900 portions and today there are 1500 portions.

We thank to World Central Kitchen, who offered help for us. We are very grateful for their support! It is great that the whole world is with us and that we teamed up! We are grateful to our employees; everyone of them left on his workplace, no one ran away, no one got afraid. We are doing everything we can to help and to make the victory closer!’ adds Viktoriia Dryutsko, the head of VitalFOOD marketing department.