Since the first days of the war, WCK has been working at the Ukrainian-Polish border to help refugees and preparing more than 200 thousand food portions a day. As for now, its activity has expanded for a few regions and the natural food producer deals with preparing food in Poltava as well. Volunteers from the Republic (Civil) Solidarity Headquarters have established a partnership, they help to work with people who suffered from war and need support and secure logistics of high quality food.

“Since the very beginning of the full-scale war, we have been cooking at our production site hot meals for territorial defense units, army, volunteers and now also for internally displaced persons using our own resources and at our own expense. Every day, we cook tasty and fresh hot dishes a la homemade. It obligatory includes first course – a borshch or a soup and second course – porridge or potatoes, but always with meat. All ingredients are fresh and bought every day from local producers. Thanks to financial support of WCK we managed to increase the amount of portions and consequently to help more people who need free meals. Any obstacles can be overcome by combined efforts!” commented the staff of Vitalfood company (producers of TM Vital and TM Scandal ice cream and Good Chef pre-cooked dishes).